Calder/Kemp Crew

Class of 2013-2014

May 20, 2014
by whdaykemp

Space is mostly made up of… SPACE!

Our Grade 6s have  started our study of astromony and we quickly realized how far apart everything is.   We used our mathmatical skills and set up a scale model of the solar system – using ourselves!    In our model, every centimetre equals a million kilometres!  Of course, we realize this is an average, since the planets orbit and aren’t ordered all in a line.

space chart


space 002space 001


Look closely and you’ll see Pluto way down the line.  We felt sorry and still included poor Pluto now that he’s not part of the planet family anymore!

May 6, 2014
by whdaykemp

Science Mentos Reaction

We have been studying states of matter. We decided to try out the famous Diet Coke plus Mentos experiment… outside of course! This is the reaction that occured with only 2 Mentos. We want to get another bottle of pop and put more in next time to see how high it will go!  Science is fun but sure can get messy :)

Science Experiment 002 Science Experiment 001

April 9, 2014
by whdaykemp

Non Newtonian Fluid Experiments

Our Grade 5s are learning about state of matter.  We made 2 substances that don’t fit into the regular categories of solid or liquid.  They have characteristics of each.


Non Newtonian Fluid on PhotoPeach

Thanks to Paige for the photos and slideshow music selection!

March 27, 2014
by whdaykemp

Leadership in Kindergarten


photo 4


Today, one of our Grade 5s took on a leadership role and did a wonderful retelling of the Three Little Pigs with Ms Maurino’s kindergarten class.  The Ks were thrilled to have a special storyteller!