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Class of 2013-2014

Challenge Accepted!

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Today, we beat Mr. Toft’s Grade 5 class record in under/over passes. His class had 47 passes in a minute and we got 50! But we can’t brag too much. If you go to this link, you’ll see that other classes from as far away as California and New Zealand are practicing.  They might beat our record before the deadline of October 18th.

Here’s a video of our record-beating performance!


Over/Under Challenge from K. Kemp on Vimeo.

One Comment

  1. Well done, Grade 5/6. I wonder if another “secret strategy” was all of you saying “Over, Under” as you passed it around. I noticed you had a rhythm to it!

    I have to admit that while my class expected other classes to beat our score, we were a little disappointed to see our record fall!

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